Biological air impurification inside buildings pose risks often underestimated, even apart from SARS-CoV-2!

The mobile Luftklar air purifier uses H14 DIN EN 1822 HEPA filters whose effectivity against aerosols we have successfully tested by an independent laboratory. Furthermore this filter technology is recommended by the Central Association of German Statutory Insurance (DGUV) and the Federal Institute for Employment Protection und Employment Medicine (BAuA) for the prevention of infections through aerosols inside buildings. In studies by the Westfälischen Wilhemsuniversität Münster (WWU) as well as the University of the Bundeswehr, Munich (Uni BwM) air purifiers with HEPA-14 filter technology were thoroughly tested and evaluated as effective against infection from aerosols.
Explosionsgrafik der Komponenten des Luftklar-Filtersystems

Effectivity of the Luftklar filter system

  1. two high grade pre-filters in accordance with ISO ePM1 55% (F7)
  2. low noise high performance fans
  3. optional: thermic filter decontamination
  4. HEPA H14 filter in accordance with EN 1822 with individual test certificate, removes 99.995% of all viruses and bacteria in the air, guaranteed.

Target the aerosols!

Information sign: eliminates corona, influenza and aerosols

The respiratorical intake of virus-full liquid particles is the main infection method of SARS-CoV-2, according to the Robert Koch Institute.

This can for example be created in the form of drop-lets (from sneezing or coughing) or the even smaller aerosols (that are created by breathing or speaking).

Air purifiers with HEPA filters, that clean interior air 2-3 times within an hour, remove exactly these ultra-fine floating particles and prevent them concentrating into a noticeable mass. In this way, not only bacteria, fine dust or spores but also viruses are effectively pulled out of the circulating air!

How doe HEPA filters work?

HEPA filters consist of fine glass fibre mats. As the glass fibres used only measure 1-10 micrometres and the fibres are laid out randomly and chaotically the filter performance is enormously high so that even the smallest particles can be filtered out of the air. In order to achieve the greatest possible surface area the filter mats are arranged in a wave or zig-zag structure.
Microscope images of viruses, bacteria, allergens and fine dust

In this way a proven effectivity exists against:

  • VIRUSES (among others SARS-CoV-2 or Influenza)


  • ALLERGENS (pollen, house dusts, mildew)


Only HEPA filter H-14 meeting EU standards as per DIN EN 1822 guarantee the filtering of the smallest particles such as viruses and aerosols!

Luftströme breiten sich auf türkisem Hintergund aus
Illustration of particles of different sizes, from human hair to 10,000 times smaller viruses